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Quick Guide
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1. One Manual Robot, one Automatic Robot and one Collector Robot are required for each team.

2. Manual Robot’s operator navigates Manual Robot to the Token Stand.

3. Manual Robot picks up the Token and carries it to the tunnel.

4. Manual Robot inserts the Token into the Token Box of the tunnel.

5. Automatic Robot picks up the basket in the Common Zone and puts it in any place of Manual Robot Zone.

6. Manual Robot goes through the tunnel and picks up Collector Robot.

7. Manual Robot unloads Collector Robot when the Manual Robot is in L1. Automatic Robot carries Collector Robot across the bridge and unloads Collector Robot inside L2 or L3.

8. Manual Robot picks up the basket and puts the basket in the Basket Area.

9. Collector Robot can either leave Automatic Robot and climbs the stairs onto the Island from L2, or it can be lifted up to the Island by Manual Robot from L2.

10. Collector Robot picks up the Buns in the Middle and the Lowest Layer and put the Buns into the Basket.

11. After at least one bun from each of the two lower layers were already put into the basket, Collector Robot can touch buns from the Top Layer of the tower while itself is being lifted up by Manual Robot.

12. During the last one minute of the game, Manual Robot may extend its own arms to pick up buns directly from the Lowest Layer of the tower and put them into the basket.

13. Once Collector Robot put the top bun into the basket after successfully put at least one bun from each of the two lower layers into the basket, the match will immediately end. This type of achievement will be called “Peng On Dai Gat”.

14. If neither team achieves the “Peng On Dai Gat” within 3 minutes, the winner shall be decided by the total scores of the team in this match.

15. A match lasts 3 minutes.

A useful guide to the players can be found at:

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